NoContactKey recently announced its launch of its clean touch germ key for the gaming industry. The owner of the company, Don Douglas shares excitement as they help gamblers get back to the casinos.

"Be sure that the casino you play at is serious about your safety against COVID-19. Are you planning on visiting a casino? Despite the improvements in the situation, people are still getting infected and virus transmission is still happening. Therefore, you need to make sure the casino is taking the precautions to ensure your safety," said Douglas.

Casinos present a unique problem because of stagnant air and close contact among patrons and staff. Some casinos have put together a plan for reopening its hotels and casinos that include giving all their guests a NoContactKey.

Douglas says, "Having a NoContactKey, your personal no contact germ utility tool along with the keycard of your room means, you don't have to use your hands to press the elevator buttons, open doors or touch slot machines. If you are at a casino and have a NoContactKey, then playing at the slot machines for hours won't be an issue. You can keep on playing without worrying about touching shared surfaces and transmitting germs."