Gary Platt’s new Healthy Play line of upholsteries does not support microbiological growth and is also inherently anti-fungal and anti-mildew. Additionally, the upholsteries contain no anti-bacterial chemicals and meet stringent VOC emission standards, which can result in overall healthier indoor air quality.

“At Gary Platt, we are sharply focused on comfort, safety, and durability to help our customers succeed. Over the last several months, in addition to the continual work we have been doing hand-crafting casino and hospitality seating, we  have been actively seeking partnerships that help our customers in this new world. The result of that months-long effort is our new Healthy Play line. We are proud to introduce the new line to give our casino customers everywhere an important way to help their players feel comfortable,” said Joshua Corrick, Gary Platt CCO.

The durable Healthy Play antimicrobial, antifungal upholsteries come in three different varieties and textures with a total of 42 different colors in the collection, making customization easy. Shine is the first line of upholsteries in the Healthy Play series, with 16 colors and a 100% vinyl composition that is both durable and soft. Next is Fresh with 13 colors, a Urethane composition and a classic texture that is both convenient and classic. To complete the Healthy Play collection is Pure with 13 colors, Urethane composition and a soft, supple, shiny texture that pairs perfectly with any environment.