DEQ Systems Corp. (DEQ) is a customer-centric company that delivers best-of-breed table game technology-related products to the global gaming industry. DEQ’s systems and games add value and increase client revenue, and are currently installed in over 300 casinos in 30 countries around the world.

DEQ was founded in 1998 by Real Bérubé and Marcel Huard, Quebec-based entrepreneurs who saw a desperate need for table game innovation, especially when it came to progressive betting technology. Indeed, throughout the 1990s, progressive technology integration with slot machines and video lottery terminals (VLTs) was pushing those devices to record popularity among gaming consumers; meanwhile, table games pits limped along with old-style equipment melded to awkward progressive game prototypes. Bérubé and Huard’s brainstorm was to refine the table play experience by improving both the game and the progressive betting devices themselves.

After creating, developing and deploying new innovations in secondary markets throughout South America and Asia, DEQ, which was officially formed in 2003, was ready for the next phase of growth: establishing a corporate headquarters and service warehouse in Las Vegas, which it officially accomplished in 2005. “The products were a success in South America while the quality and stability of all the equipment was brought to the highest standards of the industry in the harshest environments,” company executives said in a written response to questions. “We finally needed one last element to succeed in the industry… an image and credibility leap by establishing a presence in Las Vegas.” 

During the time, DEQ developed the two products that were to become cornerstones for its next phase of growth—EZ Baccarat and the G3 Progressive System. The EZ Baccarat game solved a principal challenge of baccarat: how to make the commission disappear without changing the game. The solution uses advanced mathematics to resolve this issue and enhance revenue from existing customers. It does not change the drawing rules of the game, yet can deliver 40-60 percent more hands per hour, according to the DEQ website. Meanwhile, the G3 System allows operators to offer, track and manage progressive-style games and play through a recognizable multi-credit bet manager system and traditional chip sensors all on the same table. Players bet their way—credits or chips. Bet credits to win larger payouts and bet on the dealer’s hand. Bet chips for a familiar style of game play. In 2007, DEQ installed its first EZ Baccarat game in the United States. 

“The installation numbers continue to grow as we enter new markets and the success story of EZ Baccarat will continue to be talked about as the reigning brand in all baccarat,” company executives said.  “There are over 750 EZ Baccarat tables installed in over 168 casinos worldwide. The game is the leading baccarat brand in North America and in key markets such as Los Angeles and Vancouver.

“EZ Baccarat is the market leader because it is the only baccarat game that is truly commission-free. The large numbers of fans of the table game has led to pent-up demand for the electronic version of EZ Baccarat.”

The G3 Progressive System was the first generation of DEQ’s bonusing platform, and as such played a significant role in the strategy and growth in DEQ’s progressive side of the business. The company continues to innovate in this space, recently launching its PRSM Progressive System in 2015. PRSM was designed to provide various wagering options along with multiple levels of progressive jackpots and different jackpot pools, thereby enhancing the experience of live table games players by providing them with more betting options.

On the marketing front, 2014 was a watershed year for DEQ, thanks to a partnership arrangement with LT Game that allowed for increased distribution of DEQ progressive systems and table technology throughout the Asia Pacific marketplace. “Establishing a key distributor relationship in the Asia Pacific market was another key step in DEQ’s global distribution strategy,” company executives said. “Clearly, having LT Game as our partner in the region gives us a competitive advantage and a presence that has been a cornerstone for continued growth. Leveraging our significant installed base in Macau and Singapore has facilitated the opening of new markets and solution sets for additional business in Macau and allowed us to continue our growth in Australia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Korea and Vietnam,” said company executives.

Fast forward to 2016 and DEQ now boasts 2,400 installs worldwide; 750 of them being EZ Baccarat. The company is continuously looking for new games, analyzing anywhere from 100-200 games per year while strategically developing new progressive options for its customers. “Our impact is largely felt on the progressive market because we have a system with custom configuration compatibilities that no other supplier in the industry can offer,” company executives said. “In the future, DEQ will continue to move into new markets and gaming jurisdictions by offering innovate and diverse options.”

At this month’s Global Gaming Expo, DEQ plans to have an Asian-themed table game pit showcasing a mix of new games and progressives including: Tiger Split, EZ Pai Gow, Golden Tie Baccarat Progressive and EZ Baccarat with Broadview Digital Display System. Another pit will showcase DEQ progressives such as the new Double Denom Progressive and Table Amp Progressive, along with 5 Card Hand Bonus Progressive, Charlie 21, Hands Up 21 Progressive, Platinum Poker, Poker Room Bonus and Blackjack Deuces Progressive.

DEQ at a Glance


OFFICES: Las Vegas and Levis, Quebec

EXECUTIVE TEAM: Joseph E. Bertolone, chief executive officer; Charles Meredith, chief legal officer and corporate secretary; David Jacques, chief technology officer; Kelly Dyer, director, product management and marketing; Destiny McDoniel, director of sales


Table Games—Third Eye Hold’Em; EZ Baccarat; EZ Pai Gow; Wild Rank Poker; Player’s Choice 21; Platinum Poker; Charlie 21; Tiger Split

Progressives—Golden Tie Baccarat Progressive; Hands Up 21; Blackjack Deuces; 3,4,5 & 6 Card Hand Bonus; EZ Pai Gow Progressive; Pai Gow Progressive; Wild 5 Poker Progressive; Poker Room Bonus; Triple-Up Progressive

Utility Products—Real Link; EZ Trak; Broadview; AERO Shoe

Professional Services—Custom Graphics; Professional Installation; Custom Bonusing Development; Training