Pasadena, Texas-based Apache Commodities Group is a safety and medical equipment supplier that is uniquely positioned to help customer-centric businesses weather the COVID-19 crisis by providing personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline employees and virus-eradicating cleaning products for property maintenance staffs.

Kenny Isbell is the founder and CEO of Apache Commodities Group, where he handles strategic sourcing and supply chain, inventory management and key account management while overseeing overall business operations.

Isbell recently took some time to field questions from Casino Journal Editor Paul Doocey regarding Apache Commodities and its products. What follows are some excerpts from his responses.


How did Apache Commodities Group come about? How did it get involved with COVID-19-related supplies?

ISBELL: Apache Commodities Group was formed for international and domestic commodities trading. We have a strong network around the world which enabled us to source-hard-to-find pandemic supplies. Our healthcare and government connections began calling needing supplies, and we stepped up to help.


What industries is Apache Commodities looking to service?

ISBELL: In addition to gaming, we’re looking to supply hospitality and travel industries, healthcare, government, large industrial complexes, port authorities, movie production, prison systems and various private sector companies.


What coronavirus-related product lines and specific products does Apache Commodities offer?

ISBELL: We have various types of masks, hand sanitizer gel, exam gloves and face shields. We also have specialty products such as Goldshield-patented surface protectant, Rapid Antibody test kits, thermometer stations and protective Plexiglas barriers. Our full product lineup can be found at


Why should gaming operators consider Apache Commodity COVID-19 products? What sets them apart from the competition?  

ISBELL: We have sourced the hard to find items at incredible prices. We also offer fast turnaround times.  


What are you doing to to help businesses and communities cope with COVID-19?

ISBELL: We donate supplies to local government and small companies.


What advice do you have for casino operators when it comes to re-opening and daily operations while COVID-19 is still an ongoing concern?

ISBELL: Personal protective equipment (PPE), surface cleanliness and personal cleanliness is the key to keeping a safe working environment and we are here to help! We believe America needs to get back to work and we wan