Resorts World Casino New York City announced a partnership with StarStar Mobile to launch **RWNYC, a unique vanity number that can be used from any phone. With **RWNYC, Resorts World Casino NYC can more easily connect to and stay engaged with customers while bringing a new call-to-action to their entire suite of marketing communications. The new **RWNYC is currently featured in Resorts World Casino NYC’s newspaper and out of home (OOH) campaigns and will be featured on TV spots in the future.

StarStar Mobile initiates conversations with customers through their mobile dial pads while providing businesses with access to real-time customer engagement data. Customers dial **RWNYC and during the call, customers will receive a text message with a link to an online platform. The online platform offers customers and players, additional details for their request and the ability to make a reservation, receive VIP perks and rewards, among other actions.

“Partnering with StarStar Mobile and launching **RWNYC has been a tremendous boost to our efforts to deliver measurable consumer engagement through mobile,” said Michael Savino, director of marketing at Resorts World Casino New York City. “With this unique identifying phone number, we are able to better measure the effectiveness of our advertising while increasing awareness in a hyper competitive marketplace. It’s going to be exciting to see how we can further leverage **RWNYC in the future to boost our loyalty, reward and other consumer marketing platforms.”

Phone numbers have become the new URL of the mobile age, and a primary identifier of an individual customer. By creating their custom StarStar number, Resorts World Casino New York City is also able to connect with customers in ways that mobile ads, social media posts and messaging apps do not permit. StarStar Mobile is the only platform fully integrated and maintained by the four major U.S. mobile networks: AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.


“The gaming/casino space is an ideal venue to demonstrate and leverage the power of a StarStar number,” said Tim Keyes, COO of StarStar Mobile. “Multiple studies have shown that  omnichannel customers spend 20% more than multi-channel customers. Now with a ** number call, Resorts World Casino NYC are building a powerful database of phone numbers for future remarketing campaigns, complete with geographic, chronological, and quantitative data.”