Ramping up its efforts to help the healthcare industry provide for the influx of patients dealing with COVID-19, Videotel Digital has once again thought outside the box. With the pandemic in full flux, they keep their position as a leading manufacturer of interactive digital signage solutions with the WAVE to Play product. Its timely superpower is its ability to broadcast information without anyone having to touch anything. It’s not hard to imagine that harmful germs or not; it’s the “wave” of the future for industries nationwide.

“We’re all concerned about touching anything outside of our homes," said Lisa Schneider, Videotel Digital’s vice president of marketing and sales. "Because of that, we believe the pandemic has changed everything. Going forward, people are going to prefer non-touch solutions. It’s a whole new world, and we need to be ahead of the curve when America opens for business again.”

With no touchscreen required, a monitor attracts passersby with seamlessly auto looped information. Additional content is then triggered with a mere hand wave. Used in tandem with Videotel Digital’s 4K VP90 or 4K VP71XD industrial digital media players, WAVE can be used with a single sensor or connected to multiple units.

“It’s true that the Coronavirus pandemic will pass, but we suggest that businesses give their customers what they now know they need - another layer of protection. In addition to the WAVE and Play, Videotel Digital has the SENSE and MOVE non-touch solutions as well. We’re happy to help our clients walk through this new way of doing business nationwide.”